National Advisory Committee on Drugs and Alcohol

The NACDA was established in response to the drug problem to assist in our continued need to improve our knowledge and understanding of problem drug use.

The goal of the NACDA is to advise the Government on problem drug use in Ireland in relation to prevalence, prevention consequences and treatment based on our analysis and interpretation of research findings.

Drug Use in Ireland and Northern Ireland: Drug Prevalence Survey 2014/15

The National Advisory Committee on Drugs and Alcohol (NACDA) has commissioned Ipsos MRBI to carry out the fieldwork for the Drug Use in Ireland and Northern Ireland Drug Prevalence Survey 2014/15.  The NACDA has previously conducted three similar surveys, (2002/3, 2006/7 and 2010/11) and the reports from those surveys can be read and or downloaded from the website.

Established in 2000, the NACDA provides advice to the Government on problem substance use in Ireland in relation to prevalence, prevention, consequences and treatment based on its analysis of reliable research and other relevant information available to it.  The NACDA Committee has a diverse range of expertise and relevant experience in the area of substance use, with  members of government departments, state agencies, academics and the community and voluntary sector. 

The fieldwork for the 2014/15 Drug Prevalence survey started in September 2014 and should be completed in May 2015.  A sample of all households throughout the island of Ireland will be randomly selected to participate in the survey and individuals selected to complete the questionnaire must be aged over 15 years.

Information on the use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and gambling for lifetime use, last year and last month will be presented anonymously and you will not be identified as a respondent in any documentation relating to the findings. Data gathered will provide robust trend information on substance use in Ireland and Northern Ireland to support the work of the NACDA. 

If your household has been selected to participate in this important survey, the NACDA urges you to give your full co-operation to the fieldwork team from Ipsos MRBI.  Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the NACDA.

Thank you for giving your co-operation to this important study.

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