National Advisory Committee on Drugs and Alcohol

The NACDA was established in response to the drug problem to assist in our continued need to improve our knowledge and understanding of problem drug use.

The goal of the NACDA is to advise the Government on problem drug use in Ireland in relation to prevalence, prevention consequences and treatment based on our analysis and interpretation of research findings.

Norah Gibbons Conference - parental drinking


Norah Gibbons Conference - parental drinking
  Authors: Norah Gibbons.  Chair of Alcohol Action Ireland and director of Advocacy, Barnardos
Published: November 2011
Pages: 7
File Size: 80kb 
Format: PDF

Executive Summary


As a society, we deny or ignore the impact of parental substance misuse problems on children, yet these children are often leading lives of quiet desperation, unseen and unheard. They get our attention only when the most extreme cases come to light and we prefer to think of these as isolated incidents. Children living with parental drug and alcohol problems are amongst the most vulnerable due to the secrecy and shame attached to their family drug and alcohol problems as well as the multiple problems they can face in many aspects of their lives.
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